Dr. Andrew Jarminski

Image of Dr. Andrew Jarminski Newport Beach Aesthetics

Dr. Andrew Jarminski was born and raised in Orange County, California. Dr. Jarminski started his surgical training in New York at the prestigious New York Medical College.

Upon completing his time in New York, he moved on to UCLA where he further continued his surgical training. After finishing at UCLA, he then trained for an additional 2 years in Cosmetic Surgery with the world renowned host of THE DOCTORS tv show, Dr. Andrew P. Ordon.

He has worked with Dr. Ordon for the past 20 years in both Beverly Hills and Rancho Mirage offices, and has created a unique approach to both surgical and non surgical cosmetic and aesthetic procedures. Dr. Jarminski’s personalized approach to Cosmetic Surgery specializes in one on one time with the doctor in a quiet and concierge type setting that enables his patients to relax and spend time getting to know their doctor, as well as having the confidence of knowing that they have conveyed their biggest, as well as their smallest concerns.

To further emphasize his dedication to personalized attention, Dr. Jarminski believes in providing all treatments, from fillers and Botox to lasers and surgeries himself.

Dr. Jarminski is also a big advocate, and supporter, of volunteer work and has frequented trips abroad to underprivileged areas around the world to provide surgery to those in need.