Improve Skin Laxity with Forma Plus and Fractora™ for Skin Tightening

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Aging and weight loss are the enemies of smooth, youthful-looking skin. But with Forma Plus and Fractora™, you can turn back the clock and look young for as long as possible. With these skin tightening treatments, you can walk in and out of the clinic within an hour looking younger and feeling more confident. Forma Plus and Fractora™ treatments are quick and can even fit in your lunch break, making it perfect for your busy lives. Both are powerful options for skin laxity. If you want to know the difference, read on. 

Forma Plus

Redefine your body’s contours and firm your skin with Forma Plus. This is the perfect skin tightening treatment for people who don’t want a lengthy downtime but want to improve skin laxity.

FORMA PLUS  is a non-surgical skin care solution to reverse loose and sagging body skin caused by aging or weight loss. It’s a  safe and comfortable procedure that works on all skin types and lifestyles with little to no downtime, pain, or side effects.

Using advanced radiofrequency energy and controlled heat, Forma Plus treatments can tighten and smooth the skin at the same time. The thermal energy promotes the formation of new collagen and elastin which are the key proteins for giving the skin its spring and firmness. A reinforced collagen and elastin structure refines the skin and reverses skin laxity, making the skin look younger, sexier, and smoother.

Patients say that Forma Plus feels like a hot stone massage, making it a pleasing and enjoyable experience. With Forma Plus, you can stay relaxed and comfortable through your skin tightening treatment. Forma Plus can be used to tone the belly, arms, back, knees, and inner and outer thighs.

There is no downtime involved and you can go back to your daily activities almost immediately. Some patients may notice improvements in their skin right after their first Forma Plus treatment but depending on the results you’re looking for, regular treatments may be necessary. 


Enjoy stunning results with Fractora™ for skin tightening. This revolutionary skin tightening technology bridges the gap between fractional lasers and surgical procedures. It’s completely non-invasive and reaches the deeper layers of the skin to stimulate tissue growth. 

With the use of gentle and high-precision laser technology, Fractora™ remodels the collagen structure of the skin from deep within. This removes the outer layer of unhealthy skin to prompt the body to produce new collagen and elastin. As your body increases the production of these proteins, your skin begins to beautifully tighten and improve the tone and contour of your body.

Fractora™ for skin tightening is done in-office and requires no downtime. A single session can be as short as 30 minutes so you can go back to your office immediately with skin that feels smoother, tighter, and younger.  

Fractora™ is a safe and comfortable advanced aesthetic solution that works on all skin types. Many patients see immediate results during their first treatment. But noticeable contouring and lifting may be seen over a full 6-8 week treatment course. 

In addition, this skin tightening treatment can be done to the arms, tummy, thighs, and buttocks to improve their tone and texture, giving you a more defined athletic physique. Fractora™ will help you create better body contours without pain and surgery and absolutely no downtime. 

The Best Place for Forma Plus and Fractora in Newport Beach, CA

Forma Plus and Fractora™ are two of the most popular skin tightening treatments at Rejuvenate Aesthetics. We pride ourselves on countless clients that have gained more confidence in their bodies with Forma Plus and Fractora™. 

For your first Forma Plus and Fractora™ treatment, contact Rejuvenate Aesthetics for a free consultation. Our clinicians are some of the best people for body contouring treatments in Newport Beach, California. Book an appointment now.